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E Martin Nolan

Poet, Essayist, Editor

Still Point

Poetry Collection, Published by Invisible Press

October, 2017

Trees Hate Us

A Chapbook Written in Collaboration with Some Trees

Published by Odurless Press, 2019
LAUNCHING: W/ Desert Pets Press, June 20, 2019, 8 PM
        @ Reunion Island in Toronto (385 Roncesvalles Ave.)
Click on the cover for interactive maps and book preview
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Selected Work


Prose &



Interviews Editor, The Puritan

Bridging the Literary Border, Part II. The Puritan 

Different Ways of Seeing: On Lit and Politics. The Town Crier

In The Press


E Martin Nolan is a poet, essayist and editor. He edits interviews at The Puritan, where he’s also published numerous essays, interviews and blog posts. He teaches in the Engineering Communication Program at The University of Toronto, and is a PhD Candidate in Applied Linguistics at York University. Born and raised in Detroit, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in English Writing at Loyola University New Orleans, and received his Master’s in the Field of Creative Writing from the University of Toronto.

photo by Eric Overton

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